Magnetic Pins I Love Herbalife

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Formula 1 Express Brochure (set of 10) (5299)*
International Business Opportunity Brochure (set of 5) (5205)*
Products Brochure (set of 10) (6240)*
Tracking Success Diary 1 piece (6521)*
Qualified Producer Certificates (set of 5) (5850)*
Success Builder Certificates (set of 5) (5848)*

Shake Recipes (set of 5) (N395)*
Activation Member Program (N438)*
DVD H24 FIT (13-DVDs) (U694)*
Tablet Box (Middle Size, Transparent) (305A)*
H24 Water Bottle 750ml (8710)*
H24 “Smart Shaker” 1 piece (8705)*
Shaker Cup (set of 5) (296A)*


Super Shaker 1 piece (8697)

Super Shaker

Herbalife Neon Shaker Green (I041)
Herbalife Neon Shaker Blue (I042)
Herbalife Neon Shaker Orange (I043)
Herbalife Neon Shaker Pink (I044)
Herbalife Neon Shaker Purple (I045)

Herbalife Neon Shaker

H24 Sports Bottle (Small size, Black) (8771)

CR7 Drive Sports Bottle Transparent 550ml (245A)

CR7Drive Sports Bottle TransparentCR7Drive Sports Bottle Transparent
Qualified Producer Badge (set of 5) (8498)
Success Builder Badge (set of 5) (8461)

Magnetic Pins “I Love Herbalife” White (set of 5) (8262)
Magnetic Pins “I Love Herbalife” Green (set of 5) (310A)

Magnetic Pins I Love Herbalife
Badge “Lose Weight Now Ask Me How”( set of 10) (8529)

Badge Lose Weight Now Ask Me How
Mini Mixer (307A)
Measuring Spoon (set of 10) (300A)
Herbalife Nutrition Pen (306A)
Herbalife Nutrition Phone Holder (570H)
Herbalife Nutrition Mug (571H)
Herbalife Nutrition Beach Bag (572H)
Herbalife Notebook (574H)
Herbalife Bag (190H)
Herbalife Bracelet (138H)

Herbalife Bracelet


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