Nowadays most people don’t eat Healthy Breakfast. Or maybe weA good morning starts with a Healthy Breakfast

Nowadays most people don’t eat Healthy Breakfast. Or maybe we can put healthy in brackets. They don’t eat breakfast at all. Why did this become so common today only you who is reading this and don’t eat in the morning know why. I know I do and it is the most important meal of the day. In the further text you will find out all the benefits of starting your day right and why it is so important.

  • Why is having Healthy Breakfast in the morning so important?

Did you ever think about why do you always wake up cranky and why you are so lazy to get out of your warm bed? Hard tasks that are waiting for us in the day may be one of the reasons, but the most important and number one reason is that during sleep our blood sugar levels drop when we sleep and if we skip breakfast it can make us feel moody, lazy, without energy and with no wish to wake up and run daily activities.  Sometimes it can even lead to fainting.

I know that probably most of us don’t feel like waking up earlier just to prepare breakfast, but from my experience, I can tell you that you can start liking breakfast. Just like I was also not a morning person, today I get up from bed when my alarm clock rings and prepare my breakfast. No lazy mornings, no breakfast skipping.

  • But, what are actually pros and cons of having breakfast and is it really that necessary for our bodies every morning?

First, when we wake up we should have some energy intake like essential nutrients that can give us fuel for the day. Essential nutrients are calcium, iron, B vitamins, proteins, and fiber. I think one of the main cons of having breakfast is that you won’t feel hungry so fast in a day which also prevents overeating and for people who want to lose weight breakfast is definitely a must. It stops you from snacking later in a day.

We are not talking here only about having breakfast with empty calories intakes like doughnuts or other similar food from the bakery with the high level of cholesterol, but about balanced breakfast that boosts our metabolism like high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fat and lean protein. Moreover, it gives you energy during the day which is also a positive reason for taking breakfast.

For sure breakfast has its disadvantages too. The worst thing for me was thought that I should wake up earlier to prepare myself breakfast. Because why would I if I am simply not hungry in the morning. Well wrong. I thought I was not hungry, but as soon as I started to walk to get to the college my stomach started grumble or growl. Time is for almost everyone number one of why to say no to breakfast. But, it can be easier than you think. More about breakfast on the go read in the next chapter- number 3.

Skipping breakfast can also lead to weight gain, low energy level, stress, mood swings, heart disease and other. No need to continue.

  • How to eat a Healthy Breakfast on the go?

When we were explaining the disadvantages of breakfast, the first and the most important one was time. For example, its known that most women spend time getting ready in the morning, putting make-up on, curling hair, getting dressed…We all cherish to sometimes just grab something fastly and leave the house as soon as possible to get to school, college or work (more about coffee replacement read in my next post What would be the great coffee replacement?).

You can prepare your breakfast the night before so that you are not in the rush every morning or worried about having no time to take it. Nowadays we rush through life, we have limited time for our daily tasks, we have to work for our family and give them as much as we can…But, can we overcome this hurry sickness once for all? Be positive, slow down for a while and put your health in the number one place.

The last thing you should worry about is breakfast because now all it takes is to put all your favorite ingredients in the blender together with two spoons of your favorite shake taste, blend it and you are good to go. But even if these few minutes doesn’t sound like your favorite thing to do in the morning, just grab your shaker (you can buy it here from our shop _______), put some water or milk and two spoons of shake, shake it with your hand and drink. This method is perfect if you are on foot, in the car, tram or even in your office or college before your class starts. Wherever you like. And its simple, isn’t it?

  • How to start with a Healthy Breakfast diet?

First of all, you should say no to your old habits. But this time you have to decide that you really want it. You have to promise yourself that you won’t skip breakfast anymore and you have to become decisive. For healthy snack options to satisfy food cravings all day long click on this picture below.

In conclusion…

It can be always overwhelming to change our habits or to adapt to a different lifestyle.  With Healthy Breakfast, you can achieve your long-lasting life goal to feel good in your body, careless of what others think of you. Because each body in this world is different, but beautiful in its own way and no matter how it is, we always have to love ourselves the way we are. Trying something new can give you much more confidence and no matter the challenges on the way, we are strong enough to make it through and achieve all we have ever wanted. Stay healthy and order your first breakfast J

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