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New you (weight loss) – The most common decision in New year

When it starts to make decisions which can change our way of living, people are most common to make them before New year. But, if you make some research you will find that about 62% of people due to researchers will decide to lose some weight.

So, after the last day of Old year, it is time to start your journey of weight loss.

1)Benefits of weight loss – You can name at least one

  • Reason number one is to improve your health.

Think about this situation. You are sitting in front of a doctor because you have heart disease or your thyroid is not working properly or you have troubles with breathing. If you are overweight with some of these diseases the first advice of your doctor will be: “ We can start with treatment if you lose some weight first. Does this ring you a bell?

  • Reason number two is a mental success.

During the process of losing weight, we are in a fight with ourselves to be precise with our thoughts. A strong voice often tells us: “You won’t make it. Just quit. It is too hard. I am not good enough for this change etc.

Science proved that our brain will resist every new habit we tried to adopt. After we accomplish such a big thing and change our life it is also a big booster for our mental health. We can feel that we can accomplish everything.

  • Reason number three is shopping.

Have you ever felt that people are staring at you in the mall? I think it is one of the most unpleasant feelings. Now you can afford smaller sizes and more of the clothes fit you. Isn’t that great news?

2) What are the main reasons you won’t succeed?

I am sure that many of you tried to lose weight at least one in your life. Was it successful? Probably not if you are here and you are reading this article. So, think about it for a minute and make your own list why you filed in losing weight.

In my opinion here are the main 3 reasons why many people have trouble with weight loss:

  • unrealistic decision – you want to lose many kilograms in a small amount of time
  • you do not have educated support (you are alone in difficult times)
  • you do not know how to eat properly
  • and my favorite – I do not have time for cooking healthy meals

If you found yourself in all these facts do not worry too much because there is a simple solution. Our Team Herbamonde has the knowledge to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

3) How to avoid ugly comments that insult us?

First of all, you need to ask yourself a question. For whom I am doing this. The answer should be only for ME. You will be wearing smaller clothes, you will smile a lot more than before, you will be proud of yourself. I think you get the point. In this process, there is no what others will say. It only matters what you want and the main goal is weight loss. Period.

4) How to avoid crises in your life journey?

During the process of losing weight, there will be many dark moments when you will say: “I want to give up, it is too hard for me.” Precisely in those situations, it is important that you have people that believe in your success. In those moments the best you can do is to contact your Herbamonde mentor who will help you with experience and advice to overcome the crisis. I want to emphasize that crises are normal enhancements during the adoption of new habits. We all have them no matter how disciplined we are.

5) What should you do first?

To know how the process of losing weight works with our team Herbamonde you must contact your mentor here. We will start with some key habits you need to adopt.

First, we will be talking about your wishes and we will set the main goal which is a number of kilograms you want to lose.

The second step is to choose a proper meal plan due to the lifestyle of the person. Our meal plans include the only ingredients from the store that is easy to buy and the time of preparation is not long.

With meal plan here are also Herbalife shakes that will help you to have healthy breakfast in the morning and start your day with a good habit. It is important to emphasize that drinking shakes only in the morning is only for weight maintenance.

For losing weight it is the key to drink shakes in the morning and in the evening to have better track calorie intake.

Preparation is easy, take one banana, two spoons of delicious Herbalife shake, one cup of water, some nutritional series like oats and mix all together. Your healthy shake is ready for drinking.

Every person is a different organism so there is no only one way to lose weight. You should have in mind that maybe kilograms won’t go down so easy but you need to stick with your decision. Big accomplishments do not happen just overnight.

Except for losing weight, there is also important to share your knowledge with people around you and continue to follow news in weight loss niche. Maybe someday you will be a mentor to somebody and help to change someone’s life.

Last thought to finish

No one said that learning new habits and personal growth is easy. In a busy world, it is difficult to find time for yourself and make happy yourself first. It will always be something else before YOU. I think it is time to change that. So, don’t just read, take some action! We are waiting for YOU.

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