When Members talk about their personal experiences, they
claims. Even simple statements about good experiences
using Herbalife® products or programs or talk
about earning from selling products, others showing how
function and serve, or what can be achieved
through the Sales and Marketing Plan. Just thanks to the assertions
Customers can understand the features and functions of the Product and Sales
and a marketing plan. Therefore, members can make statements, however
it is important to respect the special Rules that are being followed
from the laws and these Rules. The purpose of these Rules is partly to help
To ensure that their actions are in accordance with the law.

6.1.1 Statements and statements must be legitimate,
true and must not mislead
All the claims you make and all product stories and personal
success must be legitimate, truthful and must not mislead.
Claims must be:
• Verified in writing before making a claim.
• Compatible with claims in Herbalife materials or labels

6.1.2 Weight Control Claims
Weight control statements must relate to the Herbalife program
weight control, not a certain product. For example, acceptable
is to say, ‘I control my body weight using Formula 1
in the Herbalife weight control program, but it is not acceptable to say ‘Formula
1 has solved me too much weight ‘. When it comes to weight control,
you never have to mention the speed or amount of weight loss. Except
weight loss in people who had overweight
it should be mentioned only with the note that the weight control was under
by direct supervision of the physician.
In all weight loss statements, including product stories,
the following shall also be stated:
All weight control statements refer to the Herbalife control program
weight, which among other things includes a balanced diet, regular
physical activity, appropriate daily intake of fluid, if necessary use
dietary supplements and appropriate rest. The results will differ from
person to person.

6.1.3 Product Claims
Members MORAY:
• Only issue claims that are allowed on
product label or Herbalife materials.
• With all the claims, including personal stories and stories
on products, always note the following:
This product is not intended for diagnostic purposes,
treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
• Declare that Herbalife® products prevent, cure or
they cure diseases or health problems or speak
about drug experience;
• Use the name of any ministry or state
body nor claim to exist any form
approval or support by someone
state body or agency:
• Declare that health could be endangered if not
consumed by Herbalife®;
• In any way mention Herbalife® products
recommended by some doctors or medical workers.

6.1.4 Claims for earnings
Any Statement of Real or Potential Revenue of the Member
is considered a “earning claim.” And “claims about the way of life”
(photos showing cars, swimming pools, annuals
rest, etc.) are the same as earning claims.
It is the duty of Members to know and respect the laws that apply
refer to earnings claims and personal stories in each of them
jurisdictions in which they intend to do business.
If the royalties and bonuses are quoted separately
of retail sales revenue, they need to be precise
identify as:
• commissions from the products that the members of the lower lines buy
from the Company.
Statement of Limitation of Liability in Revenue
for Herbalife branded materials: In addition to all the claims
herbalife earnings must be as follows
Revenues refer to the persons shown (or examples)
and are not average.
Alternative Statement of Liability
for branded Herbalife Materials: When Described
the results achieved by 1% of the most successful Herbalife Members,
the following statement of limitation of liability shall also be admissible:
The revenue shown relates to the persons who belong
in 1% of the most successful Herbalife Members.

6.1.5 Size and Positioning Statement
about limitation of liability
Audio presentations (live or
previously recorded)
Declarations of Limitation of Liability should be mentioned verbally,
together with the statement.
Visual presentations (live or pre-recorded)
If the exposure is on the stage or in the video,
the statement of liability limitation must be legible
and close to the claim. If it appears on the screen,
must be visible long enough to be an average reader
came full read.
Written presentations
The statement of limitation of liability must be shown:
• In color that is a contrasting color background
(eg black on white);
• Close to the claim (limit statement
responsibility must be on the same page or view
on the screen as well as the statement); and
• Font whose size is at least 75% of the size
the font used for the statement, but the font must not be
smaller than 10.

6.1.6 Claims for Performing
work at home
When talking about Herbalife’s business opportunity, Members can not
misrepresent the extent to which members of their activities
can only be done at home. Members should
emphasize that personal interaction is the basis of direct sales.

6.1.7 Claims of Relationship Between
Herbalife and Herbalife Members
The Herbalife Business Opportunity offers members the opportunity
making a profit, but in no case is it “working”
place “or classical occupation (eng:” job “). Herbalife Members
are self-employed self-employed entrepreneurs. Like them
they can not claim, declare or imply that they are employed
in Herbalife, to perform on behalf of Herbalife or Herbalife
provide any counseling services. Likewise, they must not
imply that their independent work with Herbalife is working
place or classroom job (eng).
For example, when talking about a business opportunity with Herbalife,
Members may not use the terms “workplace,” “pay,”
“Placement”, “employment” or “paid vacation”
(neither expressions similar to, for example, “job”).


Members can not promote Herbalife’s business opportunity using tools
which are primarily intended for advertising vacancies,
which includes ads with the formatting “Workers Wanted”, bulletin boards
with job advertisements and internet search engineers for employment as well
what is my-posao.net, except in the case that:
• It is clearly and intimately indicated in the ads that the option is offered
independent work and earnings,
• There is no mandatory field such as ‘Salary’, i
• A member may state the statement referred to in Rule 5.2.3.

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